Welcome to The Stuff. Like seriously, welcome, I'm beyond happy that you are here:)
This is a blog, not about just stuff, but THE stuff. There is a difference. This started out as a bit of a non-blog to be fair, but is evolving and growing, as things do.
I am trying to categorize the posts into subjects but you must understand that The Stuff is the sum of all it's parts. You are part of that and I share all of this with love, with all of you.

Everyday Stuff

This is general 'journal' style ramblings. Not on a particular subject but day to day life, which for me can be farcical, silly, a bit odd sometimes but always with a positive and a lesson. It's in the 'day to day' that the magic happens.

Love Stuff

Love is it. All there is. Universal Love, Earth Love, Individual Love, Loving each other and Loving ourselves. From me to You x

Mindful Stuff

Namaste. I'ts learning to be in the present, the now. From the heart and the soul. Getting rid of that darn 'ego'. I'm learning and I want to do that with you. Be still and find that peace.

Home Educating Stuff

It's a new journey for us. Events led us to this as our last option, but it seems that it's the best option. Intertwined with the Mindfulness Journey, come on this one with us;)

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